Check, Print and Download Your Duplicate SNGPL Bill

Lost your bill? No worries, avail our service to get a digital duplicate right away. But not so long ago, traveling to the service provider and going through the exhausting process was the only way to get a duplicate. One had to suffer from the torment of long waits, standing endlessly, physical exertion, and time wastage. However, times have changed; as we have built a platform where you can get your duplicate sui gas bills without leaving your home. Plus, the process is easy and doesn’t require any learning curve. Follow the information given below to understand the online SNGPL bill retrieval procedure.


Online Billing System in Pakistan

A decade ago, people had no other way but to waste many hours dealing with their billing matters. Worse of all, the payment procedure was so exhausting and time-consuming that people having full-time jobs were bound to face delayed payments.

Over time many alternative means emerged, allowing masses to not only check but also pay the due amount online without investing much time and energy — Not to mention, the process is now securer, faster, easier-to-get and more reliable than ever.

Since the last several years, the digital market has been growing at an unimaginable rate. Stats have shown a 17% growth in digital transactions from the year 2016 to 2017 and it is only going to increase. Our service is one of many latest means to retrieve SNGPL 2021 bills online safely and hassle-freely.

What is SNGPL?

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited or SNGPL is the largest gas distributor facilitating 6.5 M users and directly affecting the lives of people within the north and central Pakistan. It covers an extensive area including Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and parts of Punjab. The agency has been in the industry since as long as we can remember and over many decades, the high-pressure gas distribution and transmission systems evolved and reached its operational heights.

Through an extensive network of pipelines (94,263 km) the gas is distributed among 4,458 major towns and many other rural areas of KPK and Punjab. As per the stats of 2010 – 11, the company generated a total revenue of Rs. 216,652 million which must have multiplied till now.

Components of SNGPL online bill

Paying your sui southern gas bills without reviewing can cost extra. Do you know how? Well, the bill calculation system relies hugely on human input. For instance, the meter reader has to manually note down the readings and a little misinterpretation can lead to an increased payable amount. To point out these mistakes, learning the components of the sui gas bill online is imperative which is why we have constructed this following guide:

1. Identifiers

This utility bill is different from the electricity invoices like GEPCO utility bill and others but have similar identifiers.

Name and address are insufficient to flawlessly identify the consumer and its gas connection. Various lengthy codes on your SNGPL bill, as indicated below, are used for the channel identification. Here are few of these identifiers:

  • Account ID: A unique 11-digit code that identifies one’s gas channel. It serves a similar purpose as the reference number and can be used to retrieve a duplicate sui gas bill.
  • Bill ID: Another identifier having 12 digits used to track the billing invoice.
  • Meter number: A small code assigned to the meter which can be used later to identify meter related complications.

online sngpl bill

2. Essential Dates

Numerous dates appear on the invoice to notify the user when to pay the bill sui gas and many other information as follows:

  • Issue date: The date when the company issued the respective invoice.
  • Bill Month: The date representing the bill of the given month.
  • Due Date: Representing a before which one must satisfy the payment. Otherwise, additional delay charges will be added to the original amount. The amount after the due date is also mentioned on your online sui gas bill.

online bill sui gas

3. Notification Box

In the part of the online bill of sui gas, the company gives out warnings, notifications, or any useful information to its consumers. Repeated unheeded warnings can lead to the disconnection of your gas channel.

sui gas bill duplicate

4. Payment History

In this section, consumption for a whole year is given along with monthly HM3 values. The chart can come in handy in finding out unusually high values to identify suspicious consumption behavior. For instance, as you can witness below an unusual surcharge in the month of January. Later, you can find out the reason and deal with it.

In a separate column, the payments satisfied are represented while the zero value indicates unpaid months or disconnected connections.

sui northern gas bill

5. Gas Tariff

Here the gas rates per Hectare meter cube consumed are shown. The more the consumer utilizes it, the higher will be a multiplication factor for the gas cost.

sui gas bill check

6. Meter Readings and Current Charges

Meter reader manually takes the readings and subtracts the previous month value from current to gain the overall units consumed. For the sake of convenience, an image is taken at the time of unit acquisition to avoid unwanted errors. The overall gas charges are found using these units along with adding various taxes imposed by the government. In the case of rented meters, consumers have to pay an additional amount.

sui northern gas bill check online

How to recheck the billing calculations?

Follow these steps to recheck your billing information:

  • Subtract the previous month’s reading from the current month’s units.
  • The derived units are divided by the press/factor.
  • Divide the given value again with 10^5 to generate the value in hectare meter cube (as in the given bill 143942 x 1.0197/ 100,000 = 1.468)
  • MMBTU (British thermal units) are calculated by the given formula on the bill using GCV value.
  • The thermal units are later used to drive the cost of sui gas.
  • Next, various taxes and services charges are added to estimate the total payable amount.
  • If you spot any mistakes in the aforementioned calculations while checking your sui gas bill online then you can contact the service provider to fix the problem.

Remember one thing; the calculations are different for electric bills like the QESCO electricity bill, HESCO electricity bill, and others.

How to check a sui gas bill online?

  • For the sui northern gas online bill check, click here.
  • Fetch the 11-digit account ID or consumer ID from any of your previous bills.
  • In the “Consumer Bill” section, place the account ID in the given blank.
  • Click on the “Submit” option to proceed.
  • Let it process and your duplicate bill of sui gas will be displayed shortly.
  • You can get a print and play it the old way or satisfy the payment through an online banking option.

In case you are an industrial consumer, you would need a registration first. For which you must reach out to your service provider to get login information. Moreover, If the company hasn’t issued your current month’s bill then the website will automatically load the previous sui gas bill duplicate.

Why should you choose our service?

  • Convenience: With our online platform, you don’t need to step outside your house. Just get your laptop, browse to our site, deploy the account ID, and retrieve the sui southern gas duplicate bill.
  • Cost-effective solution: Following the traditional method used to cost additional charges — Not to mention the travel charges. But the only thing you would be spending on our site will be your internet data. Therefore, it is not only a cost-effective solution for the consumer but also for the service provider.
  • 24/7 availability: The timing of your job and the company’s office collides. It simply means you wouldn’t be able to retrieve a duplicate bill sui gas the old way. But our round the clock service lets you print a replica of your sui northern gas bill anytime.
  • Secured connections: Your personal information is protected and is immune to cyber invaders. We pride in keeping our customers satisfied and therefore, prioritize securer connections.
  • Faster alternative: The traditional method used to consume a huge chunk of your precious time. On the other hand, the digital alternative hardly takes a couple of minutes. Even with an average internet connection, it does not take more than that.
  • Environmental-friendly option: Travelling to the nearest office of the service provider would require some fuel. By using our online facility, you would not save money but also the environment. Plus, paying the sui gas online bill through e-billing would also reduce the overall requirement of the paper.

How to pay the bills online?

The end of the month brings the worry to deal with the utility bills. Luckily, online banking is already introduced and successfully implemented in Pakistan, allowing consumers to satisfy their billing payments without leaving their homes.

Various banks offer convenient and secure ways to manage the payments but the consumers must go through the registration process. You can also get your login information from your respective banks and they may charge some extra fee but it would be worth it. One thing you need to remember is that not all banks offer the online banking option. For instance, FBL bank offers transactions for LESCO electricity bills but not for GEPCO, MEPCO, IESCO and others. Therefore, research well before choosing a bank.

Final Words

Our alternative can save you from exhausting queues and unnecessary travels. Only with an internet connection, a smart device, and the account ID, you can get a sui gas duplicate bill anytime. Just follow the aforementioned guidelines to make your life easier.