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Needless to say, we are unable to deal with utility bills because of our busy work routine. Paying them especially on time feels beyond challenging. Moreover, it becomes nearly impossible in case of delayed delivery of the invoice, or unintendedly losing it. Consequently, you would be charged with a penalty. Thankfully, our 24/7 service is nowhere to finally let you check and get a duplicate WAPDA SEPCO bill online in no time. Continue reading to learn about the process.

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How e-billing revolutionized the billing system

The manual outdated method of paying utility bills has caused nothing but inconvenience to the masses. It was a huge nuisance for people to stand in queues no matter how severe the weather. Further, it consumed a huge chunk of time which one could have used productively. Even after the introduction of e-billing, it wasn’t trusted widely, given the fact that it was initially unreliable and slow. Plus, people were also somewhat consumed by the fear of the unknown. But now, e-billing is accepted throughout the country — not to mention that it is more secure and faster than ever.

What is SEPCO?

SEPCO or Sukkur Electric Power Company is a relatively newer electricity distributing company that facilitates three operational circles — Larkana, Sukkur, and Daddu. These circles cover the district of districts of Sukkur, Khairpur, Ghotki, some portion of Rahimyar Khan district, Kashmore / Kandhkot, Jacobabad, Larkana, Shikarpur, Kamber / Shahdadkot, Jamshoro, Dadu, and portions of Shaheed Benazirabad district.

These areas were once under the jurisdiction of HESCO (Hyderabad Electric Power Company) but later were distributed to SEPCO after the bifurcation. SEPCO filed an application to NEPRA back in 2010 and was awarded the distribution license within a year, in 2011.  Since then, it has been providing thousands of consumers with secure and reliable energy.

Components of SEPCO online Bill

Most of us overlook the components of our utility bills except the due date and the payable amount. As a result, in case of billing errors, you are overcharged for additional power. You might not know how many times your carelessness has caused you these surcharges. To eliminate the probability of overpaying, you must know how to calculate the electricity cost yourself. Plus, some of these components will also help you retrieve your duplicate bill online.

1. Identifiers

To keep identification unique among millions of consumers many unique codes are utilized other than name and address. That’s because one’s name can repeat but a reference number or the consumer ID cannot. Let’s have a closer look at what these codes represent.

  • Reference number: A digitally-generated unique code assigned to one’s electric connection. It is based on 14 digits with an additional alphabet in the end — “R” representing rural areas while “U” Urban areas. Later in this article, we are going to use this code to extract the online duplicate of your bill.
  • Consumer ID: A code necessary to identify the consumer. Take it as your digital name.This may not exist on the WASA utility bills, for which account number is suffice for the identification.
  • Meter connection: A unique set of six figures assigned to your meter connection.

sepco bill online

2. Essential dates

These might be the only things you already know. But let’s take another look again:

  • Connection date: When your electricity channel was set up or approved by the service provider.
  • Bill Month: The invoice for the respective month.
  • Reading date: Representing when your meter reader took the readings. Usually, it is on the 15th of every month but not necessarily.
  • Issue date: The date at which your service provider issued your utility bill.
  • Due date: Date before which you must satisfy the dues, otherwise you will be charged with a delay fee.

sepco bill online check

3. Billing History

Here the units consumed for every month are represented to help you keep track. For instance, you can correlate these stats and construct a strategy to lower the overall electric consumption. Many consumers have claimed that billing history has helped them get a bigger picture of their electricity usage for the whole year. Another column represents the total cost paid against those units. The cost may fluctuate given the fact that the government often changes the rates of per unit power consumed. Lastly, the zero you witness in the rows represents canceled connections or unpaid dues.

sepco electricity bill online

4. Total Charges

More than half of your invoice is dedicated to the calculation of your electricity charges. The process starts with meter reading taking the readings manually. The current month’s units are then subtracted from the previous month’s value to get the total figure. Next, electricity cost per unit charges is estimated and various goods and services charges are added to generate the final payable amount. We’d recommend you to recheck the units by subtracting the values yourself for error detection.

online bill check sepco

5. Complaint and Contact Information

In the end, a small portion represents the contact information of the service provider. The consumers can reach the provider out in case of any electric channel malfunction, power disconnection, or even meter failure. Moreover, the company has also advised its consumers to notify them of any electricity theft using the contact information indicated by the red box below.

The above discussed components are similar for other electricity bills as well such as MEPCO, IESCO electricity bill and numerous others.

wapda online bill sepco

How to check the SEPCO bill online?

Instead of visiting the company’s office, you can visit the billing page to get the duplicate in a blink of an eye. Just follow these steps and view the SPECO bill online:

  • Use the above form or visit the official SEPCO billing page, click here.
  • Acquire the reference number from any of your previous bills.
  • Paste it in the blank indicated by the red box below.
  • Make sure the “Electricity Bill (General & Industrial)” is checked.
  • Proceed by clicking the “Submit” option.
  • Let the webpage proceed and your online electricity bill SEPCO will be displayed shortly.

sepco online bill wapda

After the SEPCO  online bill check, you can get the print and pay traditionally or go for the faster e-billing option. One thing you need to remember is that if the service provider hasn’t issued your recent utility bill. The invoice of the previous one will be displayed automatically. ‘

Types of Pill payment methods in Pakistan

Whether it is electricity, water, gas, or PTCL bills, one can easily pay them through various means without having to stand endlessly in a queue. Here are some of these ways:

Online Banking

This is, without a doubt, the most convenient method. You can simply pay the SEPCO electricity bill online from home by using the bank’s application or website. But first you must reach out to your bank to get a registration. Only then you would be qualified for SEPCO online bill payment using the Transaction personal identification number. But unfortunately, not all banks offer this service so you’d have to do a little research before choosing the bank.

Remember not all banks accept all kinds of utility bills. For instance, Al-Fatah bank doesn’t accept MEPCO electricity bills.


For this, you would still have to reach out to the nearest EasyPaisa shop. But with the benefit of never having to stand in long queues. The process is faster and reliable regardless of all the myths. The customers will get a confirmation receipt after their payment is through. More importantly, the company has launched an application through which customers can now pay the bills from home.


Another faster alternative but requires one to reach the nearest JazzCash outlet which is available 24/7 and seven days a week. Or you can download the application and deal with the billing matters online.

Benefits of using our online service

Why should you renounce the age-old method and choose our service? Here’s why:

Fast processing speed

In comparison to the traditional method, you can get the SEPCO duplicate bill online a hundred times faster. The speed mainly depends upon your network. But even with an average internet, you can retrieve it in a matter of minutes.

24/7 service

It’s impossible to make time for utility bills especially for full-time employers. In that case, our online service can be a huge lifesaver. You can check your bill anytime round the clock. Also, the website works all seven days of the week.

Secure and Reliable

Our website is protected by multi-layered security walls to safeguard your personal information from hackers and security invaders.

More convenient

Now, getting a duplicate online SEPCO bill is more convenient than the traditional method — where one has to travel long to reach the provider’s office.

Cost-effective Solution

Before, one had to pay an additional fee to get the duplicate but not anymore. With our website, there will be no travel expenses or additional charges. All you would have to invest is your time and internet MBs. You can also check the Electricity bills for all other cities of Pakistan. Select your desired city from the options below: