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Extract the duplicate bill without paying a single penny. All thanks to our QESCO online service that enables consumers to access their billing information. Just drop down the reference information on our site and Viola! You would have your duplicate QESCO online bill in less than no time, which can be utilized in place of the original paper invoice. However, not so long ago, physically reaching the utility provider was a requisite to get a replica of the lost invoice. One just couldn’t avoid this process which made it a pain for most people. But that changed with the advent of online billing services. So, here we are going to throw some light on how one can obtain a QESCO bill online.

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Emergence of Online Billing System in Pakistan

Prior to the emergence of online billing technology, people suffered greatly. They had to put up with endless waiting ques and exhausting procedures. The distress ended around a decade ago with the arrival of the internet which digitized everything. Initially, the tech was not reliable enough but it matured over time. Now, it is as efficient as it can be and you can retrieve your QESCO online duplicate bill anytime and from anywhere.

What is QESCO?

QESCO stands for Quetta Electric Supply Company and as the name implies, it is responsible for supplying electric power to Quetta and all of Balochistan except the administrative district of Labella. In terms of area coverage, it is undoubtedly the biggest electric power supplier in the whole country — it covers 43% of the total geographical area. However, it might not be the biggest in terms of consumers.

The company has been serving the country since 1981 after the amendments in the WAPDA act. QESCO facilitates around 0.6 million people with 2100 MW peak demand. It aims to expand and provide customers the satisfaction they deserve.

Components of QESCO online consumer bill

People might not realize the necessity of reading their bill thoroughly because they can’t interpret it even if they wanted to. A recheck is essential because the system involves a good deal of human input, meaning it isn’t immune to errors. A single misprint of a digit can cost you a fortune. Therefore, a thorough check is imperative before paying the bill. That being established, we have elaborated on all the components of your electric bill plus, how to calculate the charges to help you decipher the billing information.

1. Identifiers

To identify the ownership of a specific electric channel, identifiers are used. They also help in notify the service provider when the payment is satisfied. They include the name, address, meter number, reference number, and consumer ID as you can see in the red box below.

  • Reference number: a unique 14-digit code used to identify the specific power channel. It usually ends with an “R” meaning Rural and “U” indicating Urban. Moreover, it is what you’re going to need to retrieve your online bill. The number of digits may differ in other utility bills like WASA utility bills, which has only six digits.
  • Meter number: A specific 6-digit code allotted to your meter connection.
  • Consumer ID: Another unique code to identify ownership of the specific electricity line.

qesco bill online

2. Essential dates

Most of you might already be familiar with these dates. Still, let’s recall:

  • Bill Month: The invoice for that specific month.
  • Reading date: The time at which the meter reader took the readings.
  • Issue date: the date at which the service provider released your billing information for that specific month.
  • Due date: Representing the date before which the payment must be satisfied, otherwise, you’d have to deal with additional charges.
  • Connection date: The date when your connection was officially set up by the service provider.

online checking of qesco bill

3. Billing History

Everything from units consumed to payment satisfied is exhibited in this chart. It holds great importance; as one can put together a strategy to overcome the total units consumed by analyzing this statistical data. A “0” value might appear in this chart depicting a canceled connection.

qesco online bill check

4. Total charges

The calculation procedure starts way before the generation of paper invoices. Firstly, the meter reader takes the readings and by simply subtracting the current month’s value from the previous one. This way, you’d get the unit consumed for the current month. You can also calculate it by yourself to identify any potential errors.

Next, the cost of electricity is calculated as per the total units consumed. Some government taxes and service charges are also added to generate a cumulative value as indicated by the red box below. Here are a few terms you might come across on your QESCO online bill:

  • GST (Goods and Service Tax): The tax is added on the many services and goods for domestic consumption.
  • F.C Surcharge: The Financing Cost Surcharge is similar to service charges that are applied to many services.
  • N.J Surcharge: Neelum Jhelum surcharge is also a type of service charge.
  • E.D: Electric Duty is the cost of electric power consumed as per the units.

qesco online bill quetta

These taxes may vary between FESCO, IESCO, SEPCO electricity bills and many others, depending upon the policies of the tax imposition by the government.

5. Complaint and Contact Section

Finally, the bill has a section dedicated to contact information of service providers and related authorities. In case of errors in bill, electricity failure, or power theft, you can contact the authorities mentioned.

qesco duplicate bill online

How to check the QESCO online bill check?

Go grab an old copy of your utility bill, set up an internet connection to view your QESCO online bill.

qesco online duplicate bill

  • Enter your billing reference no. in the form above or click here to open up the billing webpage.
  • Navigate yourself to the empty dialogue box, asking your reference number.
  • Obtain the number from the old bill and fill the blank.
  • Click the “submit” option and wait for the page to appear.
  • You’d have your latest QESCO duplicate bill online in a matter of a second.
  • To print the QESCO online bill click on the “Print bill” option.

However, if the company hasn’t released the current month’s invoices then the page will be directed to the previous month’s bill. Also, you can go for QESCO online bill payment means like EasyPaisa, JazzCash, etc. for more convenience. For retrieving MEPCO bill online, you can visit here.

Benefits of Online bill checking system

Here’s why you shouldn’t be reluctant to adopt this method:

  • It reduces procedural cost: By adopting this method, you can avoid all the unnecessary costs, including the traveling cost and additional charges for the duplicate bill.
  • It saves time: Time is money in this era, so every second counts. By going for our online service, you can get a duplicate in no time, while the traditional way can consume a minimum of a few hours of your precious time.
  • It is environmental-friendly: Online bill checking and paying methods don’t require paper, ink, or other things. In other words, you are saving trees and resources by simply paying your utility bills through the internet.
  • It is easy: No one requires special knowledge to check the bills. Everything one might need is already mentioned in our guide. So, by following a few simple steps, Quetta and other consumers can get the QESCO online bill easily.
  • It is secure: A few years back, the system was vulnerable to hacks and security breaches. But today, multi-layered security programs are placed to keep your personal information concealed. Therefore, you can safely retrieve the sensitive information without having to worry about data leaks, errors, and hacks.

Final Words

Now, you are fully equipped with information for the online checking of the QESCO bill. . The whole method is easy to get and only takes a couple of minutes. So, just follow the aforementioned steps, retrieve the payment information, and get it over with it.

You can either go for online payment methods or the conventional one by getting a print of that duplicate. You can also check the Electricity bills for all other cities of Pakistan from the options below: