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Without making long trips or paying extra you can now get a duplicate utility bill. Here’s how; Just visit the billing page, use the reference number mentioned on your old invoice, and get the PESCO online duplicate bill right away. Yes! It’s that simple. But not so long ago, people were not blessed with the ease of the internet. The only way one could retrieve a duplicate is by reaching out to the service provider physically — which was a huge waste of time and energy. So, let’s find out how you can retrieve the PESCO bill online by using our service.

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Online Billing System in Pakistan

Being always late in the game, the Pakistan billing system lagged behind the global trends a decade ago. The system was unreliable and full of flaws. But not anymore. It has matured evidently by incorporating advanced technology and securer connections. Now, the Consumers can recover the billing information safely within no time at all — Not to mention the fact that they can also manage bill payments through e-billing means, which makes standing in endless queues obsolete.

What is PESCO?

Peshawar Electric Supply Company or PESCO is an electric power distributor dedicated to facilitating all districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Bannu, Hazara, Khyber, Mardan, Sawabi, Swat, and Peshawar). At present, the company lights the homes of 2.6 million consumers, including the largest city of KPK; Peshawar, whose industrial and economic growth relies greatly on this electric power.

The company utilizes sub-stations, 33 kV, 66 kV, and 132 kV sub-transmission lines, and 440 kV and 11 kV low tension lines to distribute electricity everywhere in KPK. This transmission network is smartly set up to ensure the highest degree of competence.

Over time, it has incorporated superior technology to identify rigged and malfunctioned meters for optimum customer satisfaction. On the run, it also aims to expand its industrial footprint by improving commercial efficiency and prioritizing safe and affordable means of energy.

Components of Online PESCO bill

Billing errors are common given the fact that the system relies greatly on human input. The meter reader can easily misread the readings, leading to inaccurate electricity cost estimation. To avoid getting overcharged for the electric power you never consumed, you must learn to read your utility bills.

Have you ever wondered what the unique codes, calculations, and charts represent on your PESCO online bill? Well, let’s find out.

1. Identifiers

At the top of every online electricity bill PESCO, consumer details are mentioned to identify the ownership of that electric channel. In addition to that, there are few other unique codes used for faultless identification — reference number, consumer id, and the meter number. Each number is unique and acts as a complex digital address.

Reference number: A computer-generated 14-digit long code assigned for the identification of electricity consumed by a single channel. Plus, there is also an additional letter in the end “R” for rural and “U” for Urban. Moreover, you’re going to utilize this reference number later in this article to check the PESCO online bill. The reference number exists on other bills as well such as HESCO utility bills.

Meter number: A six-digit number assigned to one’s meter connection.

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2. Essential dates

Whether it is an SNGPL bill or PESCO these dates are always there on the invoice. Let’s find out what they mean:

  • Connection date: The date at which your power connection was approved and set up.
  • Bill month: Representing the invoice for the particular month.
  • Reading date: The time at which the meter reader noted the readings.
  • Issue date: The date at which your service provider issued your utility bill.
  • Due date: Showing the deadline to satisfy your payment. Otherwise, additional charges will be added to the original amount.

pesco online bill 2020

3. Billing history

Electricity consumed by your channel for a whole year is represented in this portion. The chart separates the consumption for every month, giving you a clear picture of power over- and under-used. Considering this, you can devise a strategy to overcome the monthly electricity expenses.

The “0” you see in the chart indicated below represents canceled connections and unpaid dues.

online pesco bill checking

4. Charges calculation

Here the total payable cost of electricity is estimated. First, the meter reader takes the readings manually from your meter. Later, by subtracting the last month’s reading from the current one will give the total units consumed. Next, various service charges and taxes imposed by governments are added to generate the final value.

In case of delayed payments, a certain percentage of tax added as penalty in the overall value. Here are a few terms you might encounter in your bill:

  • Electricity Duty (ED): It is the cost of electric power per unit consumed. The rate increases after the units have reached a certain limit.
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST): Additional taxes applied to the supply of certain services and goods.
  • N.J Surcharge (Neelum Jhelum Surcharge): It is additional service charges. As per the statistics, the Pakistan government gathered Rs 4.043 billion for the year 2019 in the name of N.J Surcharge.
  • F.C Surcharge (Financing Cost Surcharge): It is additional service charges.

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5. Complaint and Contact Information

As established before, the calculation process is not immune to human errors. So, in case of any mistake, you can contact the service provider with the information given in the red box below. Also, meter malfunction, collapse of the electricity channel, and flections in voltage can be reported here. Moreover, the company has also advised consumers to reach them in an event of electricity theft.

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How to check PESCO bills online?

Lacking the learning curve, the process is pretty easy to get. Just follow these steps and retrieve a new PESCO bill online.

  • For the PESCO online bill checking, click here.
  • Retrieve the 14-digit reference number from any previous bill.
  • Place that number in the blank indicated by the red box below.
  • Make sure the “Electricity Bill (General and Industrial)” tab is checked.
  • Press the “Submit” button to proceed and the WAPDA PESCO online bill will be displayed.
  • The PESCO bill can be downloaded freely from the site.
  • Next, you can get a print or go for PESCO bill online payment.

Whether it is the SEPCO electricity bill, FESCO utility bill or any other, you can just follow this method and get the digital copy anytime. Remember if the company hasn’t issued the invoice, in that case, the PESCO electricity bill online of the previous month will be displayed.

How to pay bills in Pakistan?

Other than banking, there are various means through which you can satisfy your bill payment. Here’s how you can pay your PESCO bills in Peshawar and every other district.


You can find an EasyPaisa in your neighborhood and pay the bills anytime. Unlike banks, these shops are available 24/7 and being greater in number, they have no long queues.  The method is extremely secure, and you will also get a receipt in the end.

Online Banking

Visiting your respective banks and standing in never-ending queues have become superannuated. Various banks offer online billing services, which is the easiest way to pay the bills. But to sign in for the service, you have to contact your bank.


JazzCash has emerged as a trending mode of online billing. The process is easy and doesn’t have too many complex steps. The bills can be paid through JazzCash Agent and JazzCash Mobile Account.

E-Sahulat Nadra

Many Nadra E-Sahulat franchises are open all over the country. Unlike banks, they offer services 24/7 and all through the week. The system is secure and the consumer will also receive a receipt.

Why choose our service?

It saves time: Without standing in long queues, and traveling long, you retrieve PESCO online consumer bills within a couple of minutes. So, by choosing our service, you’d be saving a good deal of precious time.

  • It is secure: Unlike the billing system a decade ago, our platform is safeguarded by multi-layered security, ensuring immunity to breaches.
  • It is cost-effective: One can download free PESCO bills online through our site. Plus, imagine how much it would cost traveling every time to the nearest service provider to get a duplicate of your lost bill. So, with our service, saving that extra money has become possible.
  • It is available 24/7: Unlike banks and offices, our website is always there 24/7 to help you retrieve your online bill PESCO.
  • It can be accessed from anywhere: Whether you want to retrieve a PESCO online bill from Peshawar or from anywhere else, it is easily accessible.

No matter where you are if you have a stable internet connection, you can check your issued PESCO online electricity bill anytime. All you would require is a reference number.

It Is easy to get

With no learning curve, the procedure of online PESCO bill checking is easy to understand. Anyone can download the billing information in the first go.

Final Words

Our service saves you from all the trouble of going through the conventional methods. Now, you have the facility of PESCO bill online check, without having to pay additional charges. So, follow the aforementioned steps and get the duplicate with no effort at all.

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