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Gone are the days when you would rush to your service provider every time you lose the utility bill. Just grab an old copy, visit our Billing page, and use the reference information to retrieve the latest one in no time. Convenient isn’t it? Well, it certainly outsmarts the old, outdated, and tedious methods where one must travel long stretches and stand and wait limitlessly for their respective turn to request for a duplicate. No matter how blistering the heat or harsh the winters, it used to be something that nobody could evade. Put this all behind, and move on to our services, allowing you to check and print your MEPCO bill online.

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Online Billing System in Pakistan

Introduced not long ago, the billing system in Pakistan has come a long way, fixing flaws and getting evolved along the run. But it wasn’t until digitization took over that it matured to its finest. Now, you can not only just spectate your billing information online but also pay it through numerous means.

Today the system is more worthwhile than ever, having widespread prevalence, secure connections, rapid transactions, and easy to get procedures. Inspired by modern advancement, our online platform, having all the aforementioned traits offers you ways to access your MEPCO Multan online bill effortlessly.

What is MEPCO?

Multan Electric Power Company or shortly MEPCO is a fast-growing electrical power provider, deploying electricity in thirteen administrative districts; Muzaffargarh, Multan, Layyah, Rajanpur Dera Ghazi Khan, Lodhran, Rahim Yar Khan, Bahawalpur, Khanewal, Pakpattan, Sahiwal, Bahawalnagar, and Vehari.

The company has been serving the country for more than two long decades and light the houses of an average 34 million people. Having said that, it is counted among the largest electricity distributors in Pakistan, aiming to supply safe and reliable power to all of its consumers.

Components of MEPCO electricity bill online

How many times have you actually read and rechecked the calculations on your utility bill before paying? Can’t recall? Well, that’s because, like most of us, you might have never read it in detail. By doing so, you’re probably allowing the service provider to overcharge. But that’s going to change today; as we have compiled everything one requires to interpret MEPCO online consumer bill.   This information will also help you understand bills like FESCO electricity bills.

1. Identifiers

Have you ever wondered how the paper invoice finds its way to your doorstep every month? That’s possible because of identifiers. They are unique numbers, alphabets and abbreviations to identify one’s electric power channel, including name, address, meter number and reference number.

  • Meter number: A unique six-digit number allotted to your meter connection.
  • Reference number: For identification, a 14-digit number is specified for every electrical channel. It has one additional alphabet — R for “Rural” and U for “Urban”. You would find this reference information on every utility bill, including FESCO, HESCO, and IESCO online bills and many more. By using this number, you are going to learn how to check and print MEPCO online duplicate bills later on in this article.

mepco online bill

2. Essential dates

You might already know them as they’re the only things you usually notice. But let’s clear the air anyway:

  • Bill Month: The invoice for the respective month.
  • Reading date: The date at which the meter reader took the electric readings.
  • Issue date: Representing when your bill was issued from the service provider.
  • Due date: The date before which your bill must be paid, otherwise, you’d be charged extra for the delay.
  • Connection Date: The time when your electrical connection was set up.

mepco bill online check multan

3. Billing history

This chart on your MEPCO WAPDA online bill exhibits how much units the channel has consumed over the course of a whole year. The units are represented separately for each year, giving you an opportunity to examine when and why your electricity bill was high at a specific month. As a result, you would be able to devise a strategy to minimize your electric consumption. In case of a canceled connection or unpaid installment, the column will be filled with a zero as indicated in the red box below.

wapda bill online mepco

4. Charges Calculation

This is where your overall electric consumption for a single month is calculated. The process isn’t that confusing, and you would get the hang of it in the first go.

The meter reader notes the reading at the same time every month. The current units are then subtracted from the previous month’s value, resulting in the total units consumed for the present month. However, the overall system isn’t immune to human errors so, we’d advise you to recheck the value yourself.

After estimating the electricity cost, taxes including GST and other government surcharges are added to get the final value.

5. Complain and contact section

Thousands of things can go wrong with your meter and electric channel. Also, in case you’ve identified an error in your invoice, you can contact your service provider using the information indicated by the red box below. Moreover, the number can also be used to identify electricity theft in your community.

mepco electricity bill online

How to check the online electricity bill MEPCO?

Without having to physically reach out to your service provider, you can avail our online service and get a duplicate of your lost bill instantly. All you would require is an internet connection and your smartphone to get the task done. By following these steps, you can retrieve your MEPCO online bill multan.

  • Click here to open the billing page.
  • A page having an empty dialogue box asking for the reference number would appear. Inject your reference number that you can retrieve from your old bill.
  • Click on “Submit” and you will be redirected to your current invoice.
  • One thing you should remember is that if your bill hasn’t been issued then the website would still show the previous month’s invoice. Therefore, confirm the dates before proceeding.

After MEPCO online bill check, you can get it printed and pay it the conventional way or you can go for the convenient online payment method. For the record, everyone in and outside Multan can check the WAPDA MEPCO bills online through this method.

Perks of online bill checking system

Here are some of the few benefits of MEPCO online bill checking system:

  • It is convenient: The facility to check WAPDA MEPCO bills online, eliminates the need for physically reaching out to the service provider and going through the tedious procedure.
  • You can utilize it from anywhere: If you have a stable internet connection and a smartphone then you can access our service from anywhere in the world.
  • It saves time: In comparison to the conventional method, this procedure takes no time to give you a duplicate of your lost bill.
  • It is reliable: Due to multi-layered security, your information is immune to hacks and other cyber-attacks. It isn’t just true for MEPCO online bills but also for other utility bills like HESCO electricity bills.
  • It is eco-friendly: The fact that the whole process proceeds on the internet makes the option pretty environment friendly. Plus, there would be no paper utilized if you go for the MEPCO online bill payment.
  • It is cost-effective: Imagine how much you would have to spend to reach the nearest service provider and get the replica. They even charge an additional fee for the submission of the request. So, why not evade all these charges by simply visiting our website?

Final Words

No more traveling far or standing in queues. With our online service of MEPCO bill online check, you can print a duplicate of your bill with no effort at all. It isn’t just convenient but reliable and secure as well.

We take pride in providing ease to our customers and making sure their bills are paid within the due date. You can also check the Electricity bills for all other cities of Pakistan. Select your desired city from the options below: