Check, Print and Download Duplicate LESCO Bill Online

Are you having any trouble checking your LESCO bill online? Did you happen to misplace it? Or you might have gotten your bill at home, but then it rained, and now you can’t make out the exact figures you have to pay. For the reasons mentioned above and many more, it has become vital to be able to check your online electricity bill LESCO through trusted means. Besides, it is a more convincing option than standing in a long queue on an unbearably hot day.

Before finding out about LESCO online bill checking, I remember my mother fretting over. She was confident that the mailman slips our bills through the gate, no later than the first week of every month. Unfortunately, two weeks had gone by and we had to ask around our neighborhood to unearth the mystery of our missing bill.

Surprisingly, five of the eight homes in our lane had received their bills. At this point, we began playing Sherlock – maybe it was too windy, maybe our dog chewed it out, or perhaps it could still be around, and we just have to check harder.

It wasted two good hours of our day until a tech-savvy young boy showed us how to see our LESCO online bill. An 11-year-old could, without a stretch in his brow, saved the day by explaining to us some simple steps that I believe are easy to learn.

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This guide covers all the steps required to see your LESCO electricity bill online. If you know your way around the internet, you can skip some of these steps.

Online Billing in Pakistan

Online billing is not a recent trend. It was introduced in Pakistan more than ten years back. Before the initiation of billing through online means, most people have been paying their bills manually by queueing outside banks or transferring through EasyPaisa.

From utility bills to paying an Uber rider, you can now simply use your credit card details to shop in a variety of stores and avail different services instead of paying in cash. Nevertheless, online billing systems have gained immense popularity in Pakistan.

With even local companies expanding to digital platforms, especially during the Coronavirus crisis, there has been an intense focus of different brands on the improvement of digital marketing, online shopping, and online payment methods.

Online Billing Companies in Pakistan

For a citizen of Pakistan, on average, the essential monthly bills include a water bill, an electricity bill, a phone bill, an internet bill, and a gas bill. Some of the popular companies that offer these services are:

  • K-Electric – An electricity generation company
  • LESCO – Lahore Electric Supply Company
  • PTCL – Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited
  • WAPDA – Water and Power Development Authority
  • SNGPL – Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited
  • PESCO – Peshawar Electric Supply Company
  • FESCO – Faisalabad Electric Supply Company
  • GEPCO – Gujranwala Electric Power Company
  • HESCO – Hyderabad Electric Supply Company
  • SEPCO – Sukkur Electric Power Company
  • IESCO – Islamabad Electric Supply Company
  • MEPCO – Multan Electric Power Company

What is LESCO?

LESCO is an electric supply company in Pakistan that covers the districts of Okara, Lahore, Kasur, and Sheikhpura. Initially, it was managed by different private and public sector companies under the WAPDA Act. With time and the establishment of the Area Electricity Board, LESCO began serving region-specific facilities.

After a while, the monopoly of privatization led LESCO to create its own identity with the goal of commercialization. With eight operation cycles and 44 divisions, LESCO aims to take the lead in 2021 among other electric companies in Pakistan.

By following the highest ethical standards, LESCO seeks to distribute electricity in an environmentally responsible and cost-effective manner. Their commitment to creating an open exchange has led them to build the LESCO bill online payment a priority in recent years. To date, many LESCO users have found checking their bills online a foolproof method of convenience.

To summarise the benefits of LESCO online bill payment, this procedure is:

  • Fast
  • Convenient
  • Easy to Use
  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Saves time
  • More Organized
Note: You don’t need to have your last month’s electricity bill. To be able to check LESCO bill online, you can pinpoint the components mentioned below in any past electricity bill you have.

Breakdown of the Components of your LESCO Bill

In order to see your LESCO bill online in 2021, you will need to pinpoint three essential components in your previous electricity bill. They will help you in monitoring your billing details.

1. Reference No

On the top left of your bill, as indicated by the red box below in the picture, you will see the reference number of your bill. The reference number is usually written in this format: XX – XXXXX – XXXXXXX. It ends with a U (for Urban) or R (for Rural).

check lesco bill online

2. Customer ID

As highlighted in a red box in the picture below, your customer ID will be a seven-digit number right next to your reference number. Your customer ID is your unique registration number from LESCO. If you can’t see your billing details through your reference number, then you can see it through your customer ID.

lesco bill online check lahore

3. Meter No

On the right side of the reference number and customer ID, is your Meter number. Apart from your full name and address on the top left of your electricity bill, a meter number is a verifying indicator that the bill is indeed yours.

Your meter number is also physically written on your meter. To cross check the meter number on your wapda LESCO online bill, you can tally the number on the meter unit outside your house.

lesco bill online payment

How to Check your Online LESCO Bill

Step 1: Click here to view this page

Step 2: Enter in your Reference Number

As seen in the picture, you have the option to view, download, or go to the customer menu. If you can’t find your reference number, you can skip to the next step to see how to use your Customer ID to view your bill.

Step 3: Enter your Customer ID

After entering your customer ID, click View Bill.

In case you have mistyped your customer ID, you can press the Reset button to clear the tabs. You can also choose to go to the Customer Menu option to check your consumption and payment history, view your account status or request for a new reference number.

Breakdown of Your Online LESCO Bill

Your LESCO wapda bill online will more or less have the same bill format as the physical bill. If you can’t locate your billing details, have a look at the screenshots below. Your billing month, billing payment, due date, and the meter reading time are indicated with red boxes.

1. Billing Month

lesco bill pay online

2. Meter Reading Date

lesco bill online duplicate

3. Billing Amount

lesco duplicate online bill

4. Due Date

wapda online bill lesco

Checking your Account Status

Your account status can provide you with online LESCO bill payment details. If you intend to pay your bill online, you can check your account status later on to see your bill receipt.

To check your account status:

  1. Go back to the online form.
  2. Click on Customer Menu after adding your Reference Number or customer ID.
  3. Click Account Status underneath the Customer Account Menu.

Checking Payment History of LESCO Online Bill 2021

To review past consumption in units and your payment history, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Go back to the online form.
  2. Click on Customer Menu after adding your Reference Number or customer ID.
  3. Click Payment History underneath the Customer Account Menu.

Online LESCO Bill Payment Options

Once you have viewed your billing amount, you can use the following secure methods to pay LESCO bill online:

*Note: Due to an increased amount of fraudulent activities on the internet, make sure you are paying through a secure link (an official site/app).*

Potential Glitches in Online Electricity Bills

While viewing your online bill, some of the possible blocks and error messages you can run into are:

  • Can’t see LESCO bill online through a Reference Number
  • Can’t see the online electricity bill through a Customer ID
  • Can’t print the Online LESCO bill
  • Can’t download the bill

General Tips

  • If you can’t view your statement through a Reference Number, try viewing through your Customer ID, and vice versa.
  • Make sure you have a proper internet connection and be mindful of making any typos.

How to print Online LESCO Bill

  • In Internet Explorer, from the FILE menu, click on PAGE SETUP.
  • Select PAPER SIZE as “A4.”
  • Delete the values under HEADER and FOOTER.
  • Select ORIENTATION as Portrait.
  • Provide values of all four MARGINS as “0.25.”
  • Click the OK button.
  • From the FILE menu, click PRINT.
  • Choose the appropriate printer and click the PRINT button.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a LESCO duplicate bill online?
Generally speaking, the LESCO copy delivered to your doorstep is original, so technically, your online LESCO bill is a duplicate copy.
Can I pay with my LESCO duplicate online bill?
Yes, if you have lost your original copy, it is entirely okay to pay from a LESCO online duplicate bill.
Can I change my online bill LESCO reference number?
Yes, you can, once you log in to your LESCO profile, you can then request for a new reference number from the customer menu.
How can I print my online LESCO bill?
You can either download and print a copy from your browser or follow the steps mentioned in the General Tips section of our article to print using a web browser.


I hope you are able to follow the instructions from this guide for a quick online LESCO bill check. If you are having any difficulties in viewing, printing, or downloading your LESCO bill, let us know in the comment section below.

For further queries or complaints related to billing, you can visit your nearest LESCO customer services center.

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