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Our lives revolve around work having no time for ourselves. In the middle of that cluttered work-routine, we can’t manage a second to deal with other matters. Considering that, what would happen if you lose your utility bill? How would you manage to reach the service provider to get the duplicate? Seems impossible right? Well, not anymore. Our online service allows you to get the replica anytime and anywhere. All one is required is the reference information, an internet connection and a smart device to browse our website. Continue reading to find out how you can get the IESCO online bill:

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Online Billing System in Pakistan

The age-old method of paper invoices is evident to this day, and has brought nothing but inconvenience to consumers. People have to put up with physical exertion, which requires a huge chunk of their precious time. But the dawn of the digital age partially changed the online billing system in Pakistan. Now, the invoices are digitized giving amenity to search and pay them through various web-based invoicing platforms. But still, the digitization and automation have a long way to go to rival the global trends.

What is IESCO?

Founded 22 years ago, IESCO or Islamabad Electric Supply Company is an electric power provider that facilitates its 2.8 million consumers with clean and safe energy, having a total capacity of 5,224 MVA. On the whole, the lives of 25 million people directly rely on its power.

It covers six districts including the capital city; Islamabad through 108 grid stations— the total area of coverage is divided into four circles: Rawalpindi, Jhelum, Chakwal, and Attock.

The company aims to deliver uninterrupted electric power to all of its consumers to help flourish the educational, social, and industrial sectors. It is committed to expand its boundaries and to incorporate sustainable energy sources.

Components of IESCO WAPDA online bill

You may not even know how many times your service provider has overcharged you for the power you never consumed. The reason is your inability to decipher the utility bills. The bill generation system involves a good deal of human input; which is why it is vulnerable to errors — the meter reader can miscalculate the readings or the values can be even misprinted, either way it results in a surcharge. So, to avoid getting robbed, you must know how to interpret and calculate the charges yourself.

1. Identifiers

Besides name and address, there are certain codes used for absolute identifications; Reference number, consumer ID, and meter number. There’s always a chance of somebody having the same name but these codes are unique.

  • Reference number: For the identification of an electric channel, a 14-digit unique code is used. It is just like a digital address with hidden meanings. An extra alphabet at the end represents the category — “R” for Rural and “U” for Urban. Later on, in this article, you’re going to use this number for the IESCO bill online check. One more thing, the number of digits usually vary in other utility bills. For instance, the reference code on the WASA online bill would only have six digits.
  • Meter number: A unique code assigned to your meter connection.
  • Consumer ID: To validate the identities a certain code is generated for each consumer.

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2. Essential dates

It might be the only thing you are actually familiar with. But let’s revise:

  • Connection date: The date at which the company set your electric connection up.
  • Bill month: The invoice for the respective month.
  • Reading date: Representing when the meter reader manually took the readings. Usually, the reader comes every 15th of the month. But the time isn’t specified.
  • Issue date: The date when your service provider issues your invoice.
  • Due date: Time before which you must satisfy your dues. Otherwise, you have to pay additional charges.

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3. Billing history

A portion representing how many units you consumed each month for a whole year. Another column represents the paid dues for the respective months. This chart helps consumers spectate their overall electric consumption allowing them to minimize their usage. Plus, in case of a surge, you can comparatively analyze the data and reach out to your service provider for further details.

The zero shown in the rows represents delayed payments and canceled connections. In case of unpaid dues, one has to satisfy the dues in the next installment along with additional charges.

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4. Billing Calculation

Here, your overall electricity cost is calculated. Firstly, the process starts with the meter reader noting down the readings manually. The current value of units is subtracted from the previous month’s value to estimate the total units consumed. In the case of misinterpretation of units, a false value is estimated leading to a surcharge. To rule out the probability of errors, always recheck the values. Next, the electricity cost per unit charge and various taxes imposed by the government are also added, giving the final value.

While reading your WAPDA IESCO online bill, here are a few terms that you might come across:

  • Electricity Duty (ED): The electricity cost per unit consumed.
  • General Sales Tax (GST): A sales and goods tax imposed by the government.
  • N.J surcharge: Neelam Jhelum surcharge is a type of additional services and goods.

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5. Complaint and Contact information

In case, you point out any mistake in the calculation you can contact the service provider by using the information indicated by the red box below. You can get help for everything including, errors in the bill, problems in the meter, or the connection and electricity voltage fluctuations. Moreover, you can also report electricity theft using the contact information.

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How to check an IESCO bill online?

To IESCO bill online check by reference number, just follow these steps:

  • You can either check you IESCO online bill at the top of this page or you can click here.
  • Retrieve the reference number from the old bill and deploy it in the empty blank indicated by the red box below.
  • Select the “Electricity Bill (General and Industrial)” tab.
  • Click the “Submit” button and let it process the information.
  • Your IESCO com pk online bill will be displayed shortly.

Next you can get the online IESCO bill print and pay it traditionally or choose IESCO online bill payment means.If the company hasn’t issued the invoice then the bill of the previous month will be displayed. So, before proceeding make sure, it is the one you are looking for.

For getting a duplicate of the PESCO bill online, you can click here.

How to pay bills in Pakistan?

Everyone loathes going to their respective banks every month and standing in never-ending queues. Other than that, there are numerous means through which you can get rid of your monthly utility bills. Here’s some:

  • EasyPaisa: Most of us have EasyPaisa shops in our neighborhood, serving us 24/7. Unlike in the banks, you’d find not endless queues and or long procedures there. Plus, they are highly reliable and the customers will receive a payment receipt as a confirmation of the transfer.
  • JazzCash: JazzCash outlets are another way to satisfy your payments. The process eliminates the stress of waiting in queues. Just visit the nearest shop and get the job done in no time.

Whether it is HESCO electricity bill, GEPCO bill or any other, you can pay all of them through the aforementioned ways.

How to pay the IESCO bill online? — Online Banking

E-billing has come a long way, from being frail to highly-reliable. Now, you can sign in for the online banking facility from any bank and can pay IESCO bills online from Islamabad and other cities.

Final words

No matter how busy you are you can still get a duplicate IESCO bill online without wasting much time. Just fetch the reference number from any of your past invoices and follow the aforementioned steps to get the IESCO duplicate bill online anytime. You can check the Electricity bills for all desired cities of Pakistan from the options below