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In the middle of this pandemic, the authorities have compelled us to stay quarantined and manage matters from home. Here our online bill checking service comes forth as a huge lifesaver. You wouldn’t need to step outside your doorstep, in case of losing your paper invoice. Just visit our site, deploy the reference information, and retrieve the digital invoice almost instantly. Our service can literally save your life in these perilous times. So, continue reading to find out how you can get the duplicate HESCO online bill without having to visit your service provider.

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Online Billing in Pakistan

Since its first implementation, the billing system in Pakistan has been making little headways against systematic hindrances. But it wasn’t until the advent of the internet that it became near perfect.

Now, the system is secure, rapid, and based on superior technology. Having said that, you can not only check the HESCO bills online but also pay them through various remote means. For instance, one can satisfy his electricity, water, gas utility bills through an online banking account, EasyPaisa, JazzCash, and e-Sahulat by Nadra. All of these methods are absolutely reliable, and the customer can get the payment receipt afterward.

What is HESCO?

HESCO, short for Hyderabad Electric Supply Company is an electric power distributor, that commenced its first large scale distribution back in 1998, after the official makeover of WAPDA power sector. The firm supplies power to 12 districts of the province of Sindh excluding Karachi having its separate electric generation company.

It facilitates more than one million people with electric power and these figures are going to multiply; as the company hopes to expand its boundaries. It plays a significant role in sustainable agriculture and industrial growth of many major cities of Sindh including Hyderabad — which is considered among the largest cities of Pakistan and the second largest in Sindh.

Components of online HESCO Bill

The bill generation system involves a good deal of human input, so the reliability is questionable. Still, most people pay their bills impulsively without going through the invoice. It gives the service provider a chance to overcharge for the power you never even consumed. Therefore, to expose billing errors, one must know how to interpret the bill. It might seem difficult at first, but with the help of our compiled information, it’d be a piece of cake. Plus, these components are similar for most bills like MEPCO, GEPCO electricity bills, etc. Let’s get started.

1. Identifiers

In addition to your name and address, you might have noticed some unique codes on your invoice, including the reference number, meter number, and consumer ID. They are unique in the sense that a person’s name can repeat but not these codes. Each of them represents a particular electric connection to identify the owner of that channel. While checking HESCO bill, you can find these numbers here indicated by the red box below:

  • Reference number: it is a 14-digit code having an alphabet at the end — “U” indicating Urban areas while “R” for Rural. You would require this number to check the online bill HESCO.
  • Meter number: It is a unique six-digit number assigned to one’s meter connection.

hesco bill online

2. Essential Dates

Every time you receive the electricity bill, you encounter some dates as indicated below. You might already be familiar with most of them but let’s recall:

  • Connection date: The date at which your connection was set up or approved by the service provider.
  • Bill Month: The invoice for that particular month.
  • Reading date: Represents the date on which the reader noted the readings from the meter.
  • Issue dates: The time when the company released your invoice for that specific month.
  • Due date: the date before which you must satisfy the payment, otherwise, you’d have to face additional charges.

hesco bill online check

3. Billing History

A whole chart, having four distinct columns, represents the electric consumption of your channel for a whole year. Each month’s total units consumed are mentioned in the respective category, allowing you to analyze the history comparatively. So that, you can put together a strategy to lower the overall consumption to manage the expenses. The chart also indicates delayed payments and canceled connections by filling up that row with a zero.

hesco online bill check

4. Charges Calculation

In this section, the total payable amount is calculated. The process starts with the meter reader noting down the units from your meter. Then, the current month’s reading is subtracted from the previous one to get the total units consumed for that particular month. Next, the electricity cost is estimated as per those units and various service charges and taxes are added to give out the total amount payable. Here are a few taxes you might encounter on your invoice:

  • GST: Goods and service tax is a certain percentage that the government deducts in the name of service charges.
  • ED: Electricity duty is the rate charged per unit of electric power consumed by a single channel.
  • L.P Surcharge: Additional service charges on goods and services.
  • N.J Surcharge: Another type of service charges on goods and services.

hesco bill check online

The overall process to calculate the electricity cost is similar for others like QESCO utility bill, PESCO utility bill and various others.

5. Complaint and Contact Information

As established before, the system isn’t immune to errors. So, in the case of miscalculations, you can contact the service provider by using the information indicated by the red box below. Also, you can get assistance for any kind of connection or meter malfunctions. Moreover, you can also notify them of electricity theft in your neighborhood.

hesco online bill payment

How to check the HESCO bill check online?

No need to travel long stretches to get the duplicate if you’ve lost it. Our online service offers you a better, faster, and more secure alternative. All you would need is an internet connection, a copy of your old bill, and an electronic device to visit our website. Next, follow these steps to retrieve the billing information.

  • Use the above form or Click here to redirect to the HESCO billing page.
  • Fetch the reference number from the previous invoice.
  • Paste it in the empty dialogue asking for the number.
  • Check the type tab “Electricity Bill (General and Industrial)”
  • Click on the “Submit” button and wait for a couple of seconds.
  • Your digital WAPDA online bill HESCO for the latest month will appear.
  • Next you can get it printed or go for the HESCO online bill payment.

wapda online bill hesco

If the service provider hasn’t issued your invoice yet then the system will automatically give out the bill for the previous month. Therefore, check the dates well.

How does an online system outsmart the manual procedure?

Let’s explore how the latest HESCO online bill checking method is better than the conventional ways:

Easier and convenient: The old ways required consumers to travel long, and go through strenuous procedures to get a copy of their lost invoice. Luckily, it is not the same case anymore. With online services, you can get a duplicate and even pay it effortlessly. Moreover, the method is easier to get and doesn’t require a learning curve.

Faster payments: Instantaneous transactions have made processing delays obsolete. The only delay one could face is due to an unstable internet connection. Other than that, the process is faster than ever.

Secure platforms: Honestly, the system wasn’t that reliable a decade ago. But at present, multi-layered firewalls and data encryptions have made your information secure. You can retrieve the billing information without having to worry about hacks and security breaches. Getting other bills like SEPCO electricity bills is also secured with impenetrable security walls.

24/7 service: Working hours are limited, and you cannot get a task done around the clock. However, with our service, you can download the bill at any hour of the day. Moreover, one can also pay through various means without any restrictions of the clock.

Cost-effective solution: Traditional bills require paper and many resources, making it relatively more costly than the digital invoice. Plus, when you reach the service provider manually, you’d have to pay an additional fee to get a duplicate.

Environmental-friendly option: The digital method requires far fewer resources than the traditional one— there would be less paper, ink, stamps, and other material used. Plus, no more paper invoices mean that you are saving trees.

Fewer late payments: With digital options, you’d have a wider window to retrieve and pay the bill online before the due date.

Access from anywhere: Our system isn’t restricted by geographical boundaries. It means, you can get the HESCO bill online not just from Hyderabad but also from all over Pakistan.

Final words

Renounce your grueling old ways and take advantage of our latest online service to check your bill online. Get your laptop, fetch the reference number, deploy it on the site, and get the duplicate in no time.

Our service is not only fast, extremely secure, easy to get but also available round-the-clock. You can also check the Electricity bills for all other cities of Pakistan. Select your desired city from the options below: