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Juggling between work life and paying many utility-bills every month can be tricky, especially for people having full-time jobs. If you lose your bill in the middle of all that then it worsens the situation and it becomes impossible to pay within the due date. That’s because, you would have to reach out to the service provider and manually get the duplicate for which you don’t have enough time during the workdays — plus, the offices are open at the same time window resulting, thousands of people failing to satisfy the payments before deadlines. So as a solution, here we introduce our online service to check and get the duplicate GEPCO bill online by following some simple steps which are discussed later in this article.

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Online Billing in Pakistan

Initially, the system was all about slow management, unreliable and inconvenient procedures where the customer must stand in endlessly long queues. But with the dawn of the digital age, the time changed drastically. As an aftermath of the internet, e-billing techniques were introduced and successfully implemented in the market.   But unfortunately, they weren’t accepted widely at first, given the fact that people were reluctant to absorb the change.

Eventually, as the system became more reliable, the popularity escalated and as a result, the latest e-billing means replaced the age-old ways. And our online service is the by-product of these many years of digital advancement.

Moreover, Pakistani people are rapidly adopting digital means of transactions and according to the State bank of Pakistan, RS 3,71 trillion were collected between 2016-2017 alone. The e-commerce industry is estimated to expand, having $26 billion of worth by 2025 — as per the McKinsey Global Institute report. This vividly exhibits the country’s potential of digital finance in near future.

What is GEPCO?

It wouldn’t be inaccurate to state that GEPCO or Gujranwala Electric Power Company is one of the oldest electricity providers in our country. After the disintegration of the Water and Power Development Authority many AEB or Area Electricity Boards emerged and GEPCO was one of them. It was recognized as a separate entity back in 1998 And commenced its business around after receiving the electric power distribution license from the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA).

Since then, it has been facilitating the districts of Gujranwala, Sialkot, Hafizabad, Narowal, Mandi Bahauddin, and Gujrat. Within these operational circles, the company directly influences the lives of 15.50 million people, including the industrial sector. As per the stats, GEPCO has over three million consumers with an average revenue of 8937 Million Rupees monthly.

Components of GEPCO online bill

Do you know how many times your service provider has overcharged? Well, most probably you don’t. That’s because many of us do not know how to recheck the billing calculations. This inability allows the sellers to rob you of the electricity you never utilized.

The problem lies in the fact that the system incorporates a good deal of human input. Hence, the risk of human error is always at large. To minimize overpaying, rechecking the calculations is crucial. For that, you need to understand these components of your utility bill;

1. Identifiers

In addition to name and address, the company relies on many other unique codes for the identification. These computer-generated sets of figures act like a digital ID that sets your electric channel apart from the rest. Let’s have a closer look at what they represent:

  • Reference number: It is a unique 14-digit identifier that helps companies track consumers. The code has an additional alphabet in the end; “R” representing Rural areas and “U” Urban areas. Later in this article, we’re going to utilize this code to extract your GEPCO online duplicate bill.
  • Consumer ID: A unique code to keep track of consumers.
  • Meter number: A small code assigned to your meter connection. They are meant to be unique, having a specific format with each letter representing a specific identity parameter.

gepco online bill

2. Essential dates:

You might have already figured this component out but let’s recall:

  • Connection date: The date on which your electricity connection was set up. In case of discontinuity in the connection, the date might vary.
  • Bill month: Representing the invoice for the given month.
  • Reading date: The time around which the meter reader took the readings. It is usually a certain time around the month but not necessarily.
  • Issue date: the date at which the invoice was issued by the service provider.
  • Due date: before which the consumer must pay the due amount to avoid any additional charges.No what kind, this date exists on every utility bill, including electricity bills like HESCO utility bill and water consumption bill like WASA bills.

gepco online bill check

3. Billing History

As you can witness below, a huge chart displays total electricity consumed for a whole year. For every month the unit value is given, along with the total amount owed and paid. In case of missed payments, the blank will be replaced by a zero and the one has to pay the cost along with the additional charges in the next installment. If the null value continues, it means the connect has been canceled.

gepco bill online check 2020

4. Total Charges Calculation

Here the total payable amount is estimated. The process initiates with meter reader noting down the units from your meter manually. Next, by simply subtracting the previous and current month’s value, total units consumed are calculated. Using this, the electricity cost per unit consumed is determined — Not to forget that the cost varies greatly between residential, industrial, and commercial sectors, plus the cost fluctuates as per the market trend. In the end, the final value is computed by adding various service and goods charges and taxes imposed by the government; including GST, N.J surcharges, and L.P Surcharges.

gepco bill online check gujranwala

5. Complaint and Contact Information

In case you find out any error in your utility bill, you can contact the provider using the information indicated below. Also, the company can help you fix various other problems like canceled connections, meter malfunctions, disconnected transmission lines, and power blackouts. Moreover, you can also notify them of electricity theft and other fraudulent acts using this information.

gepco online duplicate bill

Why should you review the online bill GEPCO before paying?

Even though the billing system in Pakistan is now more efficient than ever, it still has many flaws. Here are a few common errors that a consumer may encounter:

  • Meter reading Errors: A meter reader has to manually reach out to hundreds of consumers and retrieve the readings. It won’t be surprising at all if one or two of them gets noted down wrong resulting in a much higher cost. It can be avoided by reviewing the utility bill thoroughly during the GEPCO bill check online.
  • Incorrect Applications of Tariffs: A simple digital error can lead to incorrect application of man charges, resulting in an unusually high price. To point out the error, you must understand its components.
  • Classification errors: Another common error we witness is categorizing a customer where he does not belong. For instance, there are three main categories such as industrial, commercial, and residential and the service charges vary in each. So, make sure you are categorized in the right class.

How to check the online GEPCO bill?

Our service changes the way you used to retrieve a duplicate for your lost bill. Just follow these simple steps for to check GEPCO bill online from not only Gujranwala but all around the country:

  • Fill the above form or click here.
  • Fetch the 14-digit reference number from any of your previous bills.
  • Write it down in the blank indicated by the red box below.
  • Click on the “Show Bill” button and let it process.
  • Your duplicate online GEPCO bill will be displayed shortly.
  • Lastly, you can get a print or even pay the GEPCO bill online through various means.

gepco bill online check gujranwala

This method is valid for retrieving IESCO electric bills, PESCO online bills and bills from other power distributing companies.

How to pay utility bills in Pakistan?

Over the course of many years, numerous billing ways emerged. Here are a few popular of them:

Online Banking:

No need to get exhausted standing in never-ending queues; as through online banking facilities you can satisfy the payments from home. First, you would need to reach out to your respective bank and get a registration. The bank will provide you an online account to digitally manage the payments. However, the service may require an additional fee which varies within various banks.

On the contrary to what some people might say, this method is safer than the traditional one. Moreover, it is convenient, environment-friendly, cost-effective, and best of all, it saves a good deal of one’s time. But one thing that you need to keep in mind is that not all banks offer this convenient service for all types of bills. For example, AKPL doesn’t accept FESCO electricity bills. Therefore, research well before proceeding.

Third-Party Service providers

Many brands such as EasyPaisa (launched in 2009) and JazzCash (Initiated in 2015) are now offering e-billing services. In case you don’t have an account, you would then have to visit the nearest outlet to pay the bills with one huge benefit; that these outlets don’t usually have long queues. Plus, the service is faster and more reliable. The customer also gets a confirmation receipt in the end.

EasyPaisa alone has 7.4 million customer base which is believed to be doubled in coming years. The service provider is hoping to expand its network boundaries and reach far out corners of the country.

Final Words

From this point forward, say goodbye to standing in long queues; as with our online facility you can retrieve a duplicate of your lost bill from home. Just pay heed to the above-discussed billing components and follow the mentioned procedure to bring ease in your life.

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