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Have you dropped your bill unintentionally? or haven’t received it yet?  Either way you can get a replica in a blink of an eye from our website. Sounds pretty lifesaving, right? But, not so long ago people were not that lucky. The only way that they could get a duplicate was by physically reaching out to their utility providers no matter how far that required to travel. The whole process took hours, sometimes more, and required to stand in endless queues during scorching and scathing summers. But that’s all in the primitive past now. Let’s help you renounce these obsolete ways and move on with the amenity of our FESCO bill online checking system.

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Online Billing System in Pakistan

With the rise of the information age, the internet took over and everything digitized, along with the billing system. Initially, people resisted the change but after discovering its gazillions of benefits, they accepted it over time. A decade ago, since its first implementation in Pakistan, the system has evolved and become more secure than ever.

What is FESCO?

FESCO or Faisalabad Electric Supply Company is an electric power distributor that engages in electricity generation and distribution for the districts of Faisalabad, Mianwali, Sargodha, Khushab, Bhakkar, Jhang, Chiniot, and Toba Tek Singh. Being one of the major electrical enterprise and energy providers in Pakistan, it relies on hydro-electric power to facilitate its 4.01 million customers.

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) gave the company its power distribution license 23 years back and it has been serving the country since then. It is known to be the backbone of Pakistan’s textile industrial hub; Faisalabad which is a cosmopolitan metropolis, having a huge population of 3.024 million.

Components of FESCO Bill Online 2021

Most of us overlook the informative sets of figures and alphabets on our utility bills. And without thinking twice, we just look for the amount owed, pay it and wait for the next invoice to arrive. We might be reluctant to accept it but the reason is our inability to decipher that information. In that case don’t worry, our following guide will change that once and for all.

1)   Identifiers

As indicated by the red boxes, these identifiers include customer’s name, complete residential address, reference number, customer ID, meter number, designated to your connection to identify ownership of that electric power channel. You can spot these identifiers on every other utility bill as well like QESCO and PESCO electricity bills.

The 11-digit Customer ID and 14-digit reference number on the FESCO online bill are two unique codes that are allotted to consumers to keep the identification efficient. For instance, people can have similar names but not reference numbers. These codes are what you’re going to utilize for the FESCO bill online check.

2)   Essential Dates

At a single glance, you can witness some dates mentioned on your bill online FESCO, each having the following purpose:

fesco bill check online

  • Connection date: Representing the day when your connection was set up.
  • Bill month: Representing invoice for the following month.
  • Reading date: The time when the meter reader took the readings from your electric meter.
  • Issue date: Representing when your utility provider released this utility bill.
  • Due date: The date by which your bill must be paid; otherwise, you would have to pay a penalty.

3)   Billing History

As the name implies, the portion represents the consumed electric power all through the year, including the monthly payment. By analyzing this, you can make sound decisions regarding your home or the business set up and plan accordingly to manage the electric consumption.

The “0” in the unit column indicates no power consumed either because of canceled connection or meter malfunction.

online fesco bill

4)   Charges Calculation

It might seem perplexing, but the calculation isn’t that difficult. To find out the units consumed, just subtract the previous and current month’s reading. Beware of the fact that the meter reader can sometimes note the wrong readings; which is why you must double-check it yourself. Next, the company’s electricity cost and Govt charges are combined to give the final value.

fesco bill check online 2020

A considerable amount due includes these taxes from the government and the service providers:

  • Tariff: A tax imposed on the imported services and goods by the government.
  • GST: General Sale Tax (an indirect goods and services tax)
  • FC Surcharge: These charges on your FESCO electricity bill represents Financing Cost Surcharge whihc is a service fee.
  • ED (Electric Duty): rate per unit electric power consumed

5)   Contact and Complaint Information

The whole calculation process is not immune to mistakes, meaning you can be charged for the electricity you never even consumed. For that, recheck the readings on your meter and calculate the units on the FESCO electricity bill online by simple subtraction. In an event of miscalculation, you can contact the service provider and get help before it’s too late.

Moreover, you can also notify them if you’ve a problem with your meter reader or have witnessed electricity theft in your neighborhood. Needless to say, the contact information would be different for other power sectors. For instance, QESCO electricity bills will have different information.

fesco electricity bill online

How to check a FESCO bill online?

Our online FESCO bill check service takes pride in creating ease for the consumers. It allows you to retrieve a duplicate of your electricity utility bill in no time. So, if you have lost your paper invoice then don’t worry. You would just need a stable internet connection and an electronic device to access the information. So, follow these few simple steps for FESCO online bill check:

  • Click here to redirect yourself to the FESCO WAPDA online bill checking page.
  • As indicated by the red box, you would need a 14-digit reference number. You can fetch these digits from any of your prior electric bills from the company.
  • Click on the “submit” button to recover the digital invoice.
  • You can print it or go for the convenient online bill payment methods to settle the charges.

online fesco bill check

That’s how you check the FESCO 2021 bill online. On the other hand, Multan customers can check their MEPCO online bill here.

Final words

Recovering an online FESCO bill has never been this easier. Our system is much faster and reliable than the traditional tedious methods. It would save your precious time, which is equivalent to gold these days. Plus, it does not even cost you a penny.

Follow the few simple steps above and get yourself the duplicate bill that you’ve misplaced. You can also check the Electricity bills for all other cities of Pakistan. Select your desired city from the options below: